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Lucy P. Studio City, CA

What a BLESSING! A few months ago when my aunt got injured badly while walking across Wilshire Blvd, we had no idea who to turn to. 

Fortunately, we had some trusted friends refer us to Attorney Sharen Ghatan and California Legal Counsel. We were absolutely thrilled and impressed with the level of care, attention, detail and aggressive negotiation Ms. Ghatan has exhibited.
It's clear that with nearly 20 years in the business; she is the one to go to!

She's established a very professional and highly skilled team who support her, and have made our whole experience seamless. Soon, my aunt will be getting a major six-figure settlement, all thanks to our amazing attorney and her devoted team! Thank you a billion times!


Scott S. Long Beach, CA

I was rear ended on the freeway and in need of a personal injury attorney. I searched yelp and I came across Sharen Ghatan's law firm. I called her office and from first conversation She was very caring and informative. I felt she was very compassionate toward my circumstances. She assured me she would fight hard to get the best settlement. 

Sharen kept her promise and regularly kept me updated about my case. Anytime I had a question she would respond within the same day. She was always professional and polite while handling my numerous questions about the progress of my case. 

In the end, I am more than happy with the settlement I received from my car accident. Sharen exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Sharen to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.  Thank you!

Ard K. Los Angeles, CA

I have got nothing but good things to say about California legal counsel. From the moment I called them they were attentive to my needs. They were able to quickly identify the legal background regarding my particular situation and advise me on the best route of action. Sharon personally made sure that my case is taken care of to the completion. I hope I never do but if I ever do need legal counsel again I know who to call. Thank you for all your hard work!

Samira V. Studio City, Los Angeles, 

Thank you California legal counsel for making my experience as painless as possible. I got rear ended and called California legal counsel and got a call back from Sharen right away. First and foremost, she calmed me down and reassured me that everything would be ok.  And she's was right! She took care of the whole situation.  Thank you Sharen for all that you did for me.

Important documents to have:
Questions to ask your personal injury lawyer.
  1. How long have you been in practice?

  2. On average, what percentage of the law firm practice involves personal injury cases? 

  3. Do you represent plaintiffs more often or defendants? You will want to be represented by someone who has experience in personal injury law but who has foremost been representing defendants. Their style and perception of cases may be too closely tied to the attitudes of insurance companies, and they may not fight as hard-consciously or unconsciously for your claim   

  4. Will you be personally handling my case or will it be passed along to another perhaps less experienced lawyer in office? It isn’t out of the ordinary (especially at larger law firms) to have more than one attorney in an office working on the same case and to have less experienced attorneys handle routine tasks. Find out which lawyer will be taking charge of the case and which one will be handling routine tasks.

  • police reports

  • medical records and bills

  • income loss information

  • all correspondence with the insurance company.

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